October 5, 2010

Zurich Meeting Scheduled


The plans for AIEP’s annual meeting are well underway thanks to Jutta Motz and her Swiss colleagues. AIEP will be meeting concurrently with the Swiss Crime Fiction Festival, the Mordstage, June 8-11, 2011, in Zürich, Switzerland. Event organizers include AIEP and Mordstage Schweiz, with co-organizers the Institute of Popular Culture Studies, University of Zürich and the Zürich City Police.

All members of AIEP are invited to attend our first meeting in this great city. More details will be sent out as available.

zh_altstadt_prvA full schedule of events has been arranged with panels, social events, and business meetings. A complete schedule follows. AIEP members interested in having a deeper look into Swiss history and the origin of the Confederation Helvetia, should arrive on June 7th 2011, to leave the hotel 9 o'clock in the morning for a tour. More details will follow later.
A hotel reservation form also follows and it is important that reservations are made by October 30, 2009. The room rate of the Hotel IBIS City-West (Schiffbaustrasse 11, 8005 Zurich) is quite moderate for Zürich. The IBIS hotel chain, says Motz, is a good and not too expensive a choice.

All guests can cancel until a week in advance, but after the end of October, AIEP will lose its reservation pool and attendees will be on their own to find lodging.

If you believe you may come, but are not certain, you would be well advised to make your reservation now.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arrival IBIS hotel ZH City-West
One-day roundtrip by train and ship
Lucerne, Vierwaldstädter Lake, Zug, lake and city, back to Zurich. Approx. 80 Chf per person.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

11:00 am Metamorphosis: Crime Fiction in/and Translation
Panel discussion and readings with Beatrix M. Kramlovsky (Austria) Dr. Mary Tannert (Germany/USA), Bob Cornwell (Great Britain), and others.
4:00 pm IACW Reception
Hosted by the city of Zürich.
Stadthaus English
6:15 pm Crime Series: The Pleasure of Repetition
Podium discussion with Marcy Goldberg (tentative), Brigitte Frizzoni (Switzerland), Virginie Brac (France), Yannis Rangos (Greece) and Michel Bodmer (SFDRS).
University of Zürich English
8:00 pm Greek-Turkish-Swiss Meeting
With Petros Makaris, Esmahan Aykol, Michael Theurillat and others.
Casinotheater Winterthur German
8:00 pm Scandinavian Authors at the Scandinavian Club -to be decided- Norwegian


Fryday, June 10, 2011

11:00 am From Brecht to Joyce and Dada
Walking tour of the city for foreign visitors by Dr. Fritz Senn.
Spiegelgasse, Bellevue, Rennweg, etc. English
2:00 pm IACW Annual Business Meeting Zentrum Karl der Grosse ("Charlemagne Center") English
6:00 pm The Eastern European Connection, or Murderous Influences from Eastern Europe
Moderation: Dr. Katharina Graf
6:00 pm Cop or "Bulle"?
The Police in English, Scandinavian and German novels.
Presentation of a genre with short readings from several authors including: Reiner M. Sowa, (Germany), Petra Ivanov (Switzerland), Jim Madison Davies (USA).
German texts will be read by Barbara Falter.
Introduction: Commander of Police Colonel Philipp Hotzenköcherle, lic.jur
Police station of the city of Zurich English
7:30 pm Cocktail hour Police station, Giacometti Hall  


Saturday, June 11, 2011

10:00 am IACW Annual Business Meeting Zentrum Karl der Grosse ("Charlemagne Center") English
12:00 pm Krimitram I
Crime fiction reading with German-speaking authors
1:00 pm Krimitram II
Crime fiction reading with English-speaking authors
7:00 pm Cocktail hour
Swiss authors meet members of AIEP/IACW.
Members of the press and representatives of German and Swiss publishing houses will also be invited.
Restaurant Alt-Klösterli, Zoo  
8:00 pm Group dinner Restaurant Alt-Klösterli, Zoo  

Translators and actors:

  • Dr. Annelies Biörnstad: Swedish-German, Norwegian-German
  • Dr. Katharina Graf: Czech-German, Slovenian-German, Polish-German, Russian-German
  • Ms. Silvija Hinzmann: Croatian-German, Serbian-German, Russian-German
  • Mr. Ruben Mullis lic.phil.: Croatian-German, Serbian-German, Russian-German
  • Dr. Mary Tannert: German-English
  • Ms. Birgit Hildebrand M.A.: Greek-German
  • Ms. Barbara Falter: Actor
  • Mr. Marcel Keller: Actor, director

Reservation Request for Ibis Hotel Zürich City-West

"Abrfukontingent für : AIEP-IACW 2011 Meeting"




Guest Name  
ZIP code   City   Country  
Phone number    
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Ibis Room Rate

date CHF
City Tax per person/per night
Breakfast per person/per day
Number in room: single   double  
Arrival date   Arrival time  
Departure date      

Payment & Guarantee Conditions

These rates are valid from June 7th until June 14th, 2010 only. All reservations are held until 6 p.m. In case of late arrival (after 6 p.m.) please guarantee your reservation with a credit card. In case of noshow, we will charge the first night of on the credit card given. You have the right to cancel your reservation until the day of arrival before 6 p.m.

Guarantee through credit card

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Company Stamp or address   Ibis Zürich City-West
Schiffbaustrasse 11
8005 Zürich
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Fax +41 44 276 21 00
Jim Madison Davis

Prof. Jim Madison Davis is the author of several crime novels and several nonfiction books, including the forthcoming Van Gogh Conspiracy. A President Worldwide of the International Association of Crime Writers, he teaches novel and filmscript writing in the Professional Writing Program of the Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma.

Website: www.ou.edu/content/gaylord/people/j__madison_davis.html


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  • Prof. Jim Madison Davis is the author of several crime novels and several nonfiction books,…
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